Circle E Candles sold here!!!

Why We Exist?

Charcuterie Magic

Who doesn't love a variety of delicious goodness, spread out over a beautiful board? Its like looking at the Mona Lisa on your kitchen table.

Fill The Air With Food or Fragrance

Candles create lighting, mood and decor. We love some candles for their scents or just the way they look. We have you covered here at We love It Too

We Love It and we know you'll love it too!

Come in and see. All paper products are 5% off. Just use the phrase "we love it too".

Shopping at We Love It Too inspires me to try new things. It takes the fear out of hosting and allows me to enjoy my guests. Erin made my shopping experience effortless and fun!

Stephanie Cornwell

I want everything in here!!! We Love It Too supplies the simple touches and small details that make hosting a dinner party more like a meal with my best friends.

Mike Perazzo